return home website

Built with Textpattern, this is a fully-customized website for the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood.

It’s homepage is a magazine-style layout, and it dynamically pulls content from current and future exhibitions and upcoming events as well as manually selected featured articles. The individual-article pages feature callouts and galleries that designed to be easy to create from the backend and beautiful for the user, and include dynamically-generated links to related pages.

A full-screen menu available anytime through a floating fixed action button. The highlight color changes based on the website section.

Felice Grodin artist website

Felice Grodin’s work is highly architectural and technical. Her website reflects that with a complex menu of media and work categories.


1-Step Gallery PHP script

I wanted a quick way to be able to share images with people. This is a single index.php file that, when dropped into a folder on a web server with images in it, will auto-generate a gallery at that web address.

The key interface is a size slider that allows the user to adjust the size of the images from thumbnail all the way to the full width of the browser window.

When uploading, a few configuration options can be set within the file, including the ability to use each filename, stripped of underscores/dashes, as a caption.


Source code

Aluminum and Steel WordPress theme

Aluminum and Steel was a briefly-running blog for which I designed a custom responsive theme based on the starter theme Underscores.