Alesh Houdek

I'm a web developer. Mostly React. Not too much.

Just tossing this together because my old site requires an old version of PHP, and my web host is bugging me about it (actually, I think they're now charging me $5 a month or something extra to support it??) and it's not worth upgrading.

A few recent projects

  • Steno theme for VSCode. Dark mode is bad. Green boosts concentration. Maybe. Anyway, why do you think accountants' steno pads are green?
  • RandoFont. Find a font for your next project.
  • Album Spinner. Spotify shuffles by song. This shuffles by album. Unfortunately, it's a hard-coded list of albums. At least they're not terrible?

Haha, I'm leaving this deliberately unfinished, email me if it's been a long time and you think there's something I should add here. You can also see what this site looked like circa 2016 and 2021.